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Whether it’s a reference classical music track or a brand new classical music composition, Brilliant Classics makes classical music accessible for all kinds of synchronization and/or master use licensing. And it’s doesn’t get much easier than these three steps.

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The most of classical music is the epitome of everything romantic. Who couldn’t resist a Mozart Piano Concerto slow movement or a sparkling string section for those special moments?


Wonderful classical music and breathtaking scenes from the natural world combined is a great way to transport your audiences to some great relaxing and peaceful places.


The choice for the use of classical music in action scenes or powerful images seems maybe a bit odd. But they all get your engine running.  After all, any amazing movie moment deserves an equally amazing soundtrack...

Our top 3


Classical music and sport might not seem like an obvious combination, but when they do come together these tracks really are supporting the emotions in all kinds of sporting events.


We often subconsciously associate classical music with the finer things in life. People naturally assume that a shop playing classical music sells high quality products. So we believe that classical music can help you to underline the luxurious content presented your images.