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The best classical music games tracks for your project!

The best classical music games tracks for your project!

Within the past decade or so, video games have raised their own bar with regard to musical content; they’ve even popularized themes written for them like in music written for movies and classical music has, of course, been a part of the rise of gaming music. The use of, and listening to, classical music can be glorious, even life-changing, but it’s a field that’s daunting to navigate. In this section we highlight some accessible but still brilliant classical works that creators of video games will love.

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Classical music for games

Classical music for games

Here are a few examples of classical music finding its way to the world of gaming and maybe can be the inspiration for your next video game like ‘Clair de Lune’ where in the game never has anyone felt so relieved to hear the strains of Claude Debussy after playing through the game. Claude Debussy’s most famous composition beckons the player with the promise of safety. Any time the music is heard in the game, it means a save point is nearby, and in any game where death could be just around the corner, being able to save one’s game is a welcome relief.

Most popular tracks

Over 40.000 classical tracks available for licensing and synchronisation

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Whether it’s a reference classical music track or a brand new classical music composition, Brilliant Classics makes classical music accessible for all kinds of synchronization and/or master use licensing. Our customers are working for TV-series and advertisers all over the world, Netflix-series like ‘The Crown’ & ‘Chef’s Table’ as well as Universal Pictures blockbuster movie ‘About Time’ and Oscar nominated movie ‘Napoleon’. Our music is very much in demand for all kinds of podcast- and YouTube productions but also for independent documentaries, corporate presentations, sample licensing and music for games.